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BP Level

BP Level

BP Level

Praises to God help us to pass through difficult times.
Bring praises to God helps us to be more patient.
Brain power is capable of many things.
Brain power can be used to praise God or even unscrupulous thoughts.
Step by step to develop our brain power to love God and be patient.
Layers are added slowly to increase God’s value in us and out of us.
In Jesus’ love to be more loving.

Inspiration On: Saturday, 2 March 2013 at 2:10am
Inspiration Ends On: Wednesday, 20 March 2013 at 11:09am

As I was going to sleep, suddenly half of my head ached. I have a history of migraine. Normally, when I am too tired, my migraine will occur. So I wonder is it due to me to use too much brain power producing the above acrostic poetry. Some poetry just come to me in the middle of the night. Funny.

In standard terms, BP Level always stands for Blood Pressure Level, but it may mean brain power, bring praise, be patient. But I struggled in defining Level. Few days with the help of dictionary helps to define the first three alphabets. Thank God that finally, today the last word for level is completed.

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All I want and wish is to depend upon the LIGHT (LORD Jesus Christ) who has saved my soul.

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