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There is nothing wrong to be a friendly man
But neglecting own family for a friend
Strife often occur between family members
Unhappiness creeps into the hearts of family members
Either wife or children are blamed
The fault lies on them
Being blinded with own fault
Fathers, stand up for your family spiritually, mentally and physically?

Inspiration On: Saturday, 1 June 2013 at 11:33pm
Inspiration Ends On: Tuesday, 4 June 2013 at 2am

As I was pondering about having family meeting, I was surprised of the acronym of “Family Meeting” was FM. A few days later, the other definitions spoke to me and I felt its tremendous truth.

During my young times, I adore my dad for his character. Honesty, integrity, promise-keeper, taking care of his elder brother for twenty years, and a man with backbone who refuses to fight for the share of his family’s inheritance. Something happened. Though he provided for the family, he lent most of his money to his friends. Most of them borrowed and they never return the loan. Few of them return to him. School fee should be a problem for my siblings and I. Due to my mum who saved fixed deposit, we can further our studies to bachelor.

Pursuing my bachelor, my family stayed at my uncle’s house except my dad who continued in his far shop for family’s living expenses. But the sight of my uncle abused my mum with words hurt my heart. All that my mum said was to be quiet and persevere. My heart was dying. My close friend shared the gospel and my heart was moved during the service. I responded to the altar call and accepted Christ into my life. Surprisingly, an inexpressible warmth, love acceptance, and joy filled my heart. A pair of invisible hands held me with my eyes wide opened.

Few weeks later, I was shocked upon reaching home from class. At the door, my elder sister (Chi) told me with a disappointed and angry face and tone. My uncle threw a ceramic cup onto my mum to stop him from sneering abusive words. Thank God the cup slipped through my mom’s hind leg, hit the wall and broke to pieces. This baffled me. Pain swept through my heart like a knife. Tears rolled down my eyes uncontrollably. Though I was depressed, I’m so grateful for God’s protection upon my mum. Those days, I began to feel and ponder. Where was my dad? Doesn’t husband protect his own wife?

In my struggle to forgive my uncle, uncountable times I ask the Lord to enable me so. Thank God for the job He provides through my friends. I’m also thankful for them. Attempting to work hard, my friends comforted my heart. Forgiveness towards my uncle and auntie entered. My heavy heart lightened. One day, one of my cell group members, a sister in Christ sayings baffled me. Who knows the Lord will provide the way out? Who knows your husband will allow your family to move in? “What are you talking about?” ran through my mind.

Not long after this, my mum is saved. Around two years in her faith, her church friend wants to introduce a boyfriend to me. Huh? Boyfriend? All I want is to work first. The meeting was fixed and I reluctantly went because I didn’t want my mum to lose her face. It was a man going to be twenty eight years who rent a room in the church friend’s elder sister’s house. He seemed like a gentle man with long eyelid. Huh?! He asked for my contact then we exchanged contact number.

Two years later, he proposed and my mum suggested to me to accept when I had decided to postpone without informing her because I want to concentrate on my work to provide for my parents. His kind words baffled me to let my parents stay together. That is my husband. Without much thinking, I accepted. Indeed, after the wedding, my parents and younger brother left the oppressive uncle’s house. They stayed with my husband and I in our newly bought house. Thank God. Praise God. I have seen God’s hand upon my parents and family. Though I feel stuck financially, I’m still trying.

May this testimony encourage you and bless you all. Be strong in the Lord.

About Hikari Yori

All I want and wish is to depend upon the LIGHT (LORD Jesus Christ) who has saved my soul.

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  1. God always answers the prayers of the steadfast and faithful. The answer or results may not be what we asked for or expected but it is always the correct one for us in God’s eyes.


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