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Inspiration On: Wednesday, 15 January 2014 at 10:45am
Inspiration Ends On: Friday, 14 February 2014 at 10:04pm

Bring challenged to define EACH helped me to explain our distinctiveness in Christ. Michaelangelo, Mozart and many other artists do wonderful masterpieces to portray God. Thanks for reading my poetry and hope this poetry minister and bless you.

About Hikari Yori

All I want and wish is to depend upon the LIGHT (LORD Jesus Christ) who has saved my soul.

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  1. Yes, EACH person brings a different and unique gift…you bring gentleness of spirit to me! Thank you, Yori! I just reread your post on “Aura”—and it struck me differently today–on a deeper level. I see I have a CHOICE in which aura I want to dwell…it is up to me to choose my happiness or not. I am easily swept into sadness, it seems, these days. I have much on my mind…thank you for visiting my site so often. YOU really do lift me up more than you realize. Some days I feel so alone…and to be recognized by you, gives me purpose. Thank you, Yori!

    • Jane, glad that I give you purpose 🙂 you are welcome. You are not alone because I know how it feels to be alone

  2. I’m enjoying your thoughts when I have time, Hikari, but you’ve just introduced me to “acrostics” as an art form. I love the way you put the acrostics on a background. Thank you for teaching in interesting ways.


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