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Mum C Writes


Just as Christ came

Easing His way through hearts

Summoning hurdles to lie

Unleashing anger on sins, I would

Summon my conscience to light


If I were a Christian,

Saving me and all would be a priority


Tearing beings

Hesitating in helping

Ecstatically jubilating than saving, will be nil


Soaring on righteousness

Opening roads to hopefulness,

No back biting the saints, will be my badge


Of course I would thank God

For every breath I last like the loyal cockerel


Given the chance for billions,

On a platter of ease,

Dungeons of lions will not make me kowtow to sin


If I were a Christian

I’ll know God is the ultimate

And know the similarities between

Christians and Muslims

And call on Jesus and Mohammed to…

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About Yoshiko

I'm a housewife. My hobby is listening to music, watching movies and dramas, read Manga, and drawing. I enjoy watching Asian movies and dramas such as Japanese, Hong Kong, and Korean. Inspiration comes through my emotions and when I pursue my hobbies. How I wish my Song Lyrics can become a song. And I wish to learn piano, but I don't have the time as now I have a baby. Now, he is a cute and active four years toddler.

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