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Why is there no evidence of God?

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This article helps us to understand about the evidence of The Almighty God’s presence.

About Yoshiko

I'm a housewife. My hobby is listening to music, watching movies and dramas, read Manga, and drawing. I enjoy watching Asian movies and dramas such as Japanese, Hong Kong, and Korean. Inspiration comes through my emotions and when I pursue my hobbies. How I wish my Song Lyrics can become a song. And I wish to learn piano, but I don't have the time as now I have a baby. Now, he is a cute and active four years toddler.

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  1. Good article, nice perspective. thanks for posting it.

  2. You really can’t miss Him, can you? It really does depend on what and how you are looking. Great article!

  3. Good article…thanks for sharing!!

  4. I liked this. It’s kind of like that with figuring it all out too.. like when I try too hard to figure it out I miss something.. but when I trust in my experience, it seems obvious.

  5. Exploring parts of myself has made me feel closer to God. Your comment got me reflecting. Thanks. ❤

  6. thanks yoshiko – nice share – chris is a great writer – and such a good reminder 🙂 ❤ –

  7. Evidence? Scientifically there is non. That is because the world of science and the world of faith are on two different planes and do not intersect. The energy of faith cannot be measured or defined by physics.

  8. Lovely article, Yoshiko. Thank you for sharing.

  9. The evidence is right in front of us all to see, from the beauty of earth to the love of a child.

  10. God cannot be proved, neither He can be disapproved… Thank you Yoshi for sharing this brilliant article 🙂 🙂


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