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Apostasy in the Church and the Age of Laodicea (Part 6)

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Most premillennial Bible prophecy teachers would say the Laodicean church age started around AD 1900. This is correct but when Laodicea first appeared among Thyatira (Catholics), Sardis (the near dead denominational churches) and Philadelphia (the Church of true believers), Laodicea was not the predominant church of that era. That is no longer true. By what we see taking place in Christianity today, there should be no question that Laodicea is now the predominant church type of our age. (At least that is the conclusion for those of us that believe that the Lord’s messages to the seven churches in Revelation are also prophetic to the seven visible church types on earth that exist sequentially within the Church Age.)

Laodicea is the final church age before Jesus comes for His Church. When Christ comes for His spiritual body He vomits this Laodicean Church out of His body into the tribulation. I…

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  1. A wonderful message my sister! Happy Easter to you!!!!


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