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The Truth about God: Part 2

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Joe Quatrone, Jr.

repentanceWhat is God really like? Jesus tells a parable in Luke 20:9-19, which reveals four foundational aspects of the nature of God. In Part 1, we saw God is good. Now, we will consider two more truths about God.

God is patient – He sends us many messengers

In the parable, the owner, who represents God, sent a servant to the vineyard when the grapes were ready to harvest. The tenants were like share-croppers. The owner did not demand all of the grapes, just a portion of them. But the tenants rejected the servant, beat him up, and kicked him out. The essence of sin is declaring independence from your Creator – refusing to acknowledge God’s ownership of this world and rejecting His claim on your life. Sin always begins with an attitude that says, “I don’t need God. I’m the master of my fate, the captain of…

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