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Ancient Skies

lighting candles

The part of us we cannot see,

searching, yearning,

for the divine,

alive, arms reaching,

to be connected,

heavenward, or at least,

the arms of another soul,

seeing the divine there.

The part of us that travels,

to eternity,

for now breathing,

in our shell,

accepting or rejecting.

Some say empty yourself,

then you will have peace,

others say be filled,

some say do both,

one thing is for certain,

the soul is the part of us,

made in His image,

with the capacity,

for great and wondrous Love.

 hands holding light

Blessings to everyone and PEACE!

Poetry © Copyright 2015, nicodemasplusthree

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About Yoshiko

I'm a housewife. My hobby is listening to music, watching movies and dramas, read Manga, and drawing. I enjoy watching Asian movies and dramas such as Japanese, Hong Kong, and Korean. Inspiration comes through my emotions and when I pursue my hobbies. How I wish my Song Lyrics can become a song. And I wish to learn piano, but I don't have the time as now I have a baby. Now, he is a cute and active four years toddler.

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