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Brisk with a stem of flower
Plucking out every petals
Fall hard onto the ground
Blaming the innocent stone.

Obstructing the road unknowingly
A boy hits him to the ground
Blaming the innocent boy.

Digging and digging out sands
A deep, dark pit hole is formed
Plotting revenge
Another person falls into the pit
Blaming that innocent person.

Misusing a name to lure the targets
Pretending it as a game
But it backfires
Stepping up onto the highest roof
Holding the hammer steel high
Holding the nail
Dark clouds
Thunder roars
Flashes of lightning strikes
Perpetrator is full of smoke
He ended in school’s clinic.
Blaming the innocent lightning.

A blamer’s problem.

Inspiration On: Tuesday, 30 October 2012 at 2:01am
Revised At: 5:40pm

In Ranma episode 114, Gosunkugi had problem with himself. Whenever anything happened, he blamed the obstructing thing instead of himself. This is what blamers’ problems.

Blaming Game

Life is full of uncertainties
Life is never fair

Everyone has their own stories and background
Some goes through difficult paths
Some have a blessed life
Some are born in a rich family
Some are born in a mediocre family
Some are born in a poor family
Some are born out of wedlock

We can not choose our own family

This world is full of blaming game
This world is full of blaming cycle
A cycle that is always repeated.
A never ending cycle.
Ever since the time of Adam and Eve.
Should we continue blaming?

Stop the blaming.
Instead, we need to be responsible of our own actions.

Inspiration On: Saturday, 10 September 2011 at 11:25 pm

These words suddenly speak into my heart like there is an inner voice of my observation about life. So I quickly write it down to my paper. In the beginning of creation, Adam blamed Eve for eating the forbidden fruit and Eve blamed the serpent. (Genesis 3) Absalom blamed King David as an excuse of his revenge to kill Amnon and to usurp the throne. (2 Samuel 13-18).