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Cry to The Lord and Trust in the Lord

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Angry Baby

Angry Baby

How many times
Do we act like a spoilt kid to
Demand our ways to our Heavenly Father?

Inspiration On: Sunday, 30 June 2013 at 10:14pm
Inspiration Ends On: Saturday, 13 July 2013 at 3:37pm

My toddler refused to wash his hands and feet before sleep. He played the door and closed. I lock the door. He was so angry for a few minutes then laughed.

Consequences of Actions

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Piles of wood circling a tent
Flames burn on the piles of wood
A tent is circled by flames
Camping in the middle of the forest
Wild animals keep away from them

Ten ladies sleep in the tent peacefully
Exhausted with their retreat
Retreat in having quiet time
As their tent lean against a large sturdy tree

Alas, there is a hole on top of the tent
An undaunted slender young cobra
Hops from trees to trees with its tail
Targeting the tree where the tree is
Swinging its body in triumph
Then it abruptly drops itself into the tent’s hole

It falls onto a lady’s face with its stuck out tongue
That light sleeper lady
Shrieks sharply in fear

Everyone wakes up
A brave fighter lady
Grabs the young cobra’s head
Sandwich cobra’s head
To prevent it from opening its jaw
Others cooperate and grab its body to tail
Leaving the fearful stoned light sleeper lady
They left the tent

In the count to three
They throw the poor snake
Into the hot burning flames
Rushing back into the tent
Sterilizing their hands from bacteria
Regaining their peace
Soothing the frightened frozen lady

In the hot burning tall flames
The poor young cobra
Cries and regretting for being
Too curious
Too haughty
As it turns to ashes instantly
As its friends watch in horror
Fearful of such predicament
Regretting their actions for
Sneering the poor young cobra

The young cobras return home
Confessing their sins to their parents
Their parents seek the poor young cobra’s parents
Seeking their forgiveness

The cobras’ parents resent them
Kick them out of the nest
Sobbing of their beloved two years old young cobra’s predicament
They left with disappointed looks
Return to their nests and discipline their young cobras

Inspiration On: Sunday, 9 June 2013 at 1:09am to 2:32am

This story played in my imagination supposedly to be humour. Unexpectedly, the story continues to concentrate upon the cobra unravelling its reason to do so. Then I realised that the poor young cobra signifies the folly of youth and the bullying happen during schooldays. Pride causes downfall.

In You

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In You, I lay my soul bare
In You, I lay me down
In You, I cry for Your help
In You, I seek Your face
In You, I seek Your joy
In You, I find rest
In You, I find peace
In You, I find my rest

In You
In You alone

Inspiration On: Tuesday, 21 May 2013 at 9:49am
Inspiration Ends On: Thursday, 23 May 2013 at 11:37pm

This began with, “In You, I lay my soul bare” then I was lost with words. As I revisited it again, everything flowed out of my experiences.

Abandoned Babies Cry

Hearings and Help.
Living, and
Moaning in
Physical and Psychological Protection
Redeeming them,
Soothing them, and
To let them
Wonderings that produce
Xylem to
Zest and Zeal of life.

Jesus loves the little children.
How important is your child’s future?
Do you want them to walk in the way of the Lord or lost forever?

Inspiration On: Sunday, 2 February 2013 at 7:44pm
Inspiration Ends On: Monday, 18 February 2013 at 1:02am

Whenever I think of abandoned babies and see it from the newspaper, I feel that they have feelings. I hope to create the awareness that baby is innocent and in need of love from their parents and other people.

Hectic Life

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Striving hard
Swallowed by daunting tasks
Drain out
Almost fall into Resignation

Wondering mind
Whirling mind

Hectic life
Life’s tribulation
Hard to breathe
Cry out to Abba Father,
Perseverance enters my heart.

Inspiration On: Thursday, 6 Sep at 3:05pm
Inspiration Ends On: Sunday, 9 September 2012 at 3pm

As I was cycling to buy groceries, reminiscing younger days and now, how I wish to know the Lord earlier. Since young I was struggling to learn to cycle, but futile attempts and often fall onto the sands. Now, the Lord enables me how to stay balance and even begin to cycle with one hand.

Lately, I was frustrated with my career thriving hard in learning and pick up the skills I need. My parents advised to find and focus on what I specialize in. Not just that, my parents told me to get married first before I was established in my career. Nine months later, my baby boy came out. Meanwhile, my peers are established in their careers then have family.

Feeling down and disappointed with myself. How to provide for my parents in their old age? Even though they say they have enough, my heart is filled with gratitude for them to take care and bringing me up. They are God’s blessing to me. I hope to take care of them and bring them joy before they leave this world. And I wish to be strong.

Enormous responsibilities are pressuring upon me. Sometimes, my heart grows weary and cries out to my Heavenly Father. Next day, His comfort is upon me and He enables me to persevere amidst all these tribulations.

宝宝的需要 Baby’s Needs

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Illustrator: Tienny The







I’m lonely
I’m so lonely

Cry is pleasant
Cry is satisfying
Cry is gratifying
Crying is satisfaction

Cry will get attention from people
People to play with me
People to accompany me to play

With crying, people are fearful of me
They will let go of their tasks

Cry, Cry
Crying is my expression
Expressing my inner needs
Cry, Cry
Wanting people to play with me
Play with me
Accompany me
Accompany me

Listen to Audio here

Inspiration On: Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Dad mentioned my baby, “khu de shuang khuai” instilled this poetry. As I returned to my room, I wrote it down to my notes in Hanyu Pinyin in Mandarin. Then translate it accordingly using English.

Next, I depict myself as a baby and put myself in his shoes then all the above expressions and inspirations came.

This reminds me of our need of our Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ. He heard our cries, our needs of Him.

Jesus, Lord Jesus, You are Worthy of my Praise

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Jesus, Lord Jesus, You are worthy of my praise
You are worthy of my love
Jesus, Lord Jesus, You are worthy of my praise
You are worthy of my love
Jesus, Lord Jesus, You are worthy of my praise
You are worthy of my love

Verse 1
Your hand stretched out to me with love
You offered me Your help when i’m so helpless
A broken hearted, You receive me with love
You saved and delivered me out from the darkness
Jesus, Jesus, You are worthy of my praise
You are worthy of my love

Verse 2
When i’m in pain, You’ve heard my cry and my prayer
Slowly, You answered my prayer
Gently, You knit my heart
Gently, You restored my wounded soul
Gently, You changed my heart
Jesus, my soul find rest in You
Jesus, You are worthy of my praise

Verse 3
My heart is grateful to You
My heart is thankful to You
i can’t express it with beautiful words
May You accept my thanking heart to You

Verse 4
Jesus, teach me how to simply love You
I want to love You forever
For You are the only One deserve my worship
For You are the only One deserve my acclaim
May God the Father be praised through You

Verse 5
Lord Jesus Christ,
You are truly the Son of God
You are truly the true and living God
You are the Saviour of my soul

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah Jesus Christ
i want to worship You forever
Inspired on: Saturday, 9 August 2003