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Heartbroken Children’s Voices

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A pair of large steel scissor
Cut through
A branch

Seeking immediate remedy
Only to be disregarded
Anyway a broken branch is irreparable

Continue the breaking
Every broken branches
Shoots more arrows into my heart

Such sights
Tear two hearts into pieces
My son’s tears continuously roll down

Total broken pieces
Broken hearts and feelings

Fatherly figure tend to hurt
Children’s hearts
Motherly figure cares child’s heart

Earthly fathers
Why do you have to exasperate the child?
Thus impairs Abba Father’s heart

Earthly mothers
Why do you have to spoil child’s heart?
Thus gives wrong signal

Earthly parents and grandparents
Be more cooperative
Stop confusing the obedient children

Tojiru Yoshiko

Inspiration On: Wednesday, 10 February 2016

My dad sits on a chair and opens my son’s blue rainbow Doraemon umbrella. Suddenly, he removes the rainbow Doraemon design cloth. I thought he is repairing it. Suddenly, he breaks it. My son cries. I attempt to stop him from continuing to do so. He doesn’t care. My mum appears and is shocked. She quickly points that is not the spoilt umbrella. Then she takes out my spoilt blue umbrella. However, dad’s words towards my son are extremely hurtful, “You have many other favourite toys. This is nothing. Anyway one branch has been broken.” Cut another branch pieces. My son’s and my heart breaks. That’s so hurting. The more he breaks, the more my heart breaks. Is that how he did when I was young? He still says he wants his children to be united.

However, now I beg to differ. My siblings lack of cooperation is inherited from my parents’ siblings generation. When the Lord bless me through partnerships with the same vision, mission and values, I have to exercise partial judgment. My partners and I shouldn’t let our family members enter into the company to promote cooperative spirit and teamwork. Most family members tend to cause the downhill of cooperativeness. Can provide them financially, but not involved into the partnership company. I can only thank the Lord’s grace and mercy to find favour from the higher management corporate people including my business mentor.

At night, my dad quickly tells me that my son plays with ice cube. I immediately step into the kitchen and I question my son, “Do you play with ice cube?” He nods. Then he asks, “is there an evidence?” My heart aches. Again I question, he answers, “yes.” Instantly, I WhatsApp Uncle WY, “My heart aches when my dad tells me to confront my son for playing ice cube. He nods then begins to say, “is there an evidence?” Please pray for the Lord’s will be done. I feel so speechless.” I really surrender my husband to God. I give up to God. I want my son to grow to be strong in God’s values. In the end, after I repeatedly seek God to forgive then I confess to him that I’m the one who wants to die. I feel so much better. Then he compliments me for doing the right thing. Next he comforts me to laughter as the best medicine.

God bless you all for reading my poetry to minister. 

Blamed Perspectives

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Speak your opinion on this issue
I speak out
Only to be labeled selfish
Immediate suggest to overwrite
I relent out of care
Why should parents do so?

Oppressed Israelites wanted God to deliver
The Lord sent Moses and Aaron
Only to leave them alone
Immediate blamed them during harsher oppression
God delivered them out of Egypt
Why should the Israelites worship idols?
Provoke the Lord’s jealousy

Inspiration On: Sunday, 27 December 2015

In the morning, dad asks my opinion to cook the a vegetable to instruct the helper. My decision is to steam it. Immediately, he labels me selfish and blurts out his own opinion. Later, my son doesn’t like it. He never bothers to understand me. Then he suggests to use it for fried rice. I just reply that I’m okay with it. Does he ever care about my feelings? My son is overseas with his dad. Of course, I speak out my thinking when ask. I begin to see the main problem and many perspectives from this issue. Parents can’t stop voicing out their opinions onto their children due to going through many experiences. Pride seeps into their hearts. Jump to conclusion based on their sights. They have forgotten the importance to sit and listen to understand their own children.

After I do stretching from Kikuchi Taisou DVD, I begin to write. Writing is part of my discipline to improve my expression muscle. Noisy music comes out of my parents’ room. Suddenly, my dad stands at my door. He invites me to observe him to cook fried rice. I reply him later. Again he labels me and speaks that I won’t learn. Now, I see the reason parents and children fight against one another. Parents are eager to force their opinions to their children. If the child belongs to the opinionated category, they are labeled bad temper. Another category who is quiet, they are labeled for not being decisive. They care about their parents feelings. Yet the parents tend to demand their own ways.

All these help me to see from many perspectives. And also the reason I lose my concentration.

Thanks for reading my poetry and hope this poetry minister and bless you.

The Power of Prayer Warriors

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Power of Prayer Warriors
Seeking the Lord in prayer
Voicing out my needs of prayers
To the prayer warriors
Before the battle begins

Refuses to return home early
Attempt to concentrate on my deadline
Sketching on my sketch book
Then design impressions

Comforted feelings
Enter into the battlefield courageously
Reach to mutual conclusion in peace

~ Tojiru Yoshiko

Inspiration On: Monday, 16 November 2015

Everyone in my family informs me of the situation at home about the maid complaining to my husband. Before all these, strange to have the words prepared. Then they help me to learn to answer. Some words I choose to restrain to let the Lord makes His judgments. I ask my brother in Christ and sister in Christ for prayers besides of my cry to the Lord. God bless you all for reading my poetry to minister.

In The Meeting

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In the meeting?
Yes, I am in the meeting
In the dream meeting

In the meeting?
Yes, I am in the meeting
In the meeting with my Lord and Saviour

In the meeting?
Yes, I am in the meeting
In the meeting with my son

In the meeting?
Yes, I am in the meeting
In the meeting with my husband

In the meeting?
Yes, I am in the meeting
In the meeting with my parents

In the meeting?
Yes, I am in the meeting
In the meeting with my in-laws

In the meeting?
Yes, I am in the meeting
In the meeting with my close friends

In the meeting?
Yes, I am in the meeting
In the meeting with my clients

In the meeting?
Yes, I am in the meeting
In the meeting of networking sessions

In the meeting?
Yes, I am in the meeting
In the meeting with my boss

Inspiration On: Wednesday, 15 October 2014 at 12pm
Inspiration Ends On: Saturday, 11 October 2014 at 12:18am

The question of, “Are you in the meeting?” sparks my fanciful poetic imagination to run wild. Many visual images come to my mind and eventually the right words help me to speak it out. Having fun with my imagination then I am back to handle my son and work. God bless you all for reading my poetry to minister.




Inspiration On: Friday, 6 December 2013 at 4:28pm
Inspiration Ends On: Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Relationship management is essential in a family because it affects us from internal towards outward and how we interact with others. Some people bring their unhappiness at home to work and vice versa. Through interaction with friends and neighbours can see how we deal with our family and co-workers. Thanks for reading my poetry and hope this poetry minister and bless you.


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Feeling lost
Fatigue sets in
Setbacks in life
Lost in problem solving?

Spend time with family and pets
Do housework
Sweep and Mop the floor

Walk out of the house
Left the nest temporarily
To enjoy a breezing wind
Looking up to the vast sky
Changing in colour and weather
Birds fly and chirp around
Observing the streets and crowds
Children walk with their families
Playing children on the open green lush
Take note of every small details
Spend time with relatives and friends

All these may instil
A spark of ideas into thoughts
Singing hearts and minds
Creative idea to express in
Beautiful words
Innovative solutions
Composing melodious music and songs
Composing pictures and paintings

Open up to imagination, impossibilities and beauty
Sensing the joy of living
Marvelling at the grandeur creation
Worshipping the Creator of the whole universe and galaxy
Praising His marvellous creative hands
Alive in His great mercy
Daily lives are more enjoyable
Creativity encircles our daily lives

Inspiration On: Monday, 7 October 2013 at 11:37pm
Inspiration Ends On: Tuesday, 8 October 2013 at 12:29am


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There is nothing wrong to be a friendly man
But neglecting own family for a friend
Strife often occur between family members
Unhappiness creeps into the hearts of family members
Either wife or children are blamed
The fault lies on them
Being blinded with own fault
Fathers, stand up for your family spiritually, mentally and physically?

Inspiration On: Saturday, 1 June 2013 at 11:33pm
Inspiration Ends On: Tuesday, 4 June 2013 at 2am

As I was pondering about having family meeting, I was surprised of the acronym of “Family Meeting” was FM. A few days later, the other definitions spoke to me and I felt its tremendous truth.

During my young times, I adore my dad for his character. Honesty, integrity, promise-keeper, taking care of his elder brother for twenty years, and a man with backbone who refuses to fight for the share of his family’s inheritance. Something happened. Though he provided for the family, he lent most of his money to his friends. Most of them borrowed and they never return the loan. Few of them return to him. School fee should be a problem for my siblings and I. Due to my mum who saved fixed deposit, we can further our studies to bachelor.

Pursuing my bachelor, my family stayed at my uncle’s house except my dad who continued in his far shop for family’s living expenses. But the sight of my uncle abused my mum with words hurt my heart. All that my mum said was to be quiet and persevere. My heart was dying. My close friend shared the gospel and my heart was moved during the service. I responded to the altar call and accepted Christ into my life. Surprisingly, an inexpressible warmth, love acceptance, and joy filled my heart. A pair of invisible hands held me with my eyes wide opened.

Few weeks later, I was shocked upon reaching home from class. At the door, my elder sister (Chi) told me with a disappointed and angry face and tone. My uncle threw a ceramic cup onto my mum to stop him from sneering abusive words. Thank God the cup slipped through my mom’s hind leg, hit the wall and broke to pieces. This baffled me. Pain swept through my heart like a knife. Tears rolled down my eyes uncontrollably. Though I was depressed, I’m so grateful for God’s protection upon my mum. Those days, I began to feel and ponder. Where was my dad? Doesn’t husband protect his own wife?

In my struggle to forgive my uncle, uncountable times I ask the Lord to enable me so. Thank God for the job He provides through my friends. I’m also thankful for them. Attempting to work hard, my friends comforted my heart. Forgiveness towards my uncle and auntie entered. My heavy heart lightened. One day, one of my cell group members, a sister in Christ sayings baffled me. Who knows the Lord will provide the way out? Who knows your husband will allow your family to move in? “What are you talking about?” ran through my mind.

Not long after this, my mum is saved. Around two years in her faith, her church friend wants to introduce a boyfriend to me. Huh? Boyfriend? All I want is to work first. The meeting was fixed and I reluctantly went because I didn’t want my mum to lose her face. It was a man going to be twenty eight years who rent a room in the church friend’s elder sister’s house. He seemed like a gentle man with long eyelid. Huh?! He asked for my contact then we exchanged contact number.

Two years later, he proposed and my mum suggested to me to accept when I had decided to postpone without informing her because I want to concentrate on my work to provide for my parents. His kind words baffled me to let my parents stay together. That is my husband. Without much thinking, I accepted. Indeed, after the wedding, my parents and younger brother left the oppressive uncle’s house. They stayed with my husband and I in our newly bought house. Thank God. Praise God. I have seen God’s hand upon my parents and family. Though I feel stuck financially, I’m still trying.

May this testimony encourage you and bless you all. Be strong in the Lord.