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Dark Dungeon

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Deep in the remote mountainous forest
A worn down dark dungeon is seen
It is used for locking the prisoners

In every dark cubicle prison in the creepy dark dungeon
Out of the window bar hears
Howling wolves across the mountain
Gawking, cawing crows resting on the trees
Hissing rattling snakes on the grasses
Snarling bears growl upon its preys

In the dark dungeon
Screeching door bar opens to give food
Squealing rats running across the sandy floor

During foggy days
Writhing in pain longing for fresh air
Prisoners are gasping for breath

Darkness envelopes the heart, soul, and mind of the prisoner
Dread clouds the heart, soul, and mind
Deep down inside is gripped by anxiety
Shuddering with the notions of death
Mind churns with uncountable worries
Whole being are engulfed with fear
Fingernails scratch the unsmooth wall
Insecurity spurs and creeps into the heart
Helpless of owns situation
Hoping for help
But some love the darkness

Suddenly noticing an immense bright Light
Shining through the tiny window
Staring outside the tiny window
Hand stretches out of the window bar
Hoping to embrace the Light
Hoping for the Light to fill the whole room
Hoping for the Light to fill the sullen and crushed spirit

As soon as the sunrise
Imminent light shines into the tiny window bar
Providing warmth to the prisoners
The warmth through God’s grace and mercy
Grace and mercy through faith in Lord Jesus Christ.

Inspiration On: Sunday, 12 August 2012
Inspiration Ends On: Wednesday, 22 August 2012

The above photo is taken on Saturday inside my bathroom experimenting what will happen if I did so. Finally, a contrast picture was produced.

Whenever I saw the first successful lomography photo onto the Fujifilm Instax Mini, my heart is filled with gratitude to God for blessing me with the determination to persevere even though i had failed for twelve attempts. I feel encouraged and sudden words of inspiration came upon me.

Imagining living in a locked dark dungeon without light is a devastating sense. After the commencement of the inspiration day, daily sentence(s) cropped out of my visual interpretations of those who live in darkness. Some are seeking light and hope, but some choose the life of darkness and hated to live in the light. (John 1:1-15)

Thanks to Hikari for sharing the word “shudder” making more impact to the above poetry.

Beginner Lomographer

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<p align=left>Enthusiastic with the new camera
Without much thinking I point to the
Target subject and immediately shoot</p>

<p align=left>A photo paper is gone
Shoot again, another paper is wasted again
Then it dawned upon me
I forget to remove the lens cover
The third piece is black
Realizing need to adjust the len’s setting
From pinhole to daylight setting
Oh no! More papers are wasted again
It is over-exposed, another under-exposed
Quite daunting for beginner lomography camera user
Perseverance will get good result.</p>


<p align=left>Inspiration On: Friday, 25 May 2012 at 11am
Revised On: Thursday, 31 May 2012 at 1:10am</p>

<p align=justify>For the first time to buy a lomography camera on 24 May and I immediately try it the next day. I lost 4 pieces of photo paper due to my mistake. I took the instructions of the lomography workshop too literally. The point is, “no need to think, just shoot”. In fact, I need to check before I shoot and read the instructions. Next day, I try it again and one picture was over-exposed, next was under-exposed.</p>

<p align=justify>How important it is to read the Bible to know more about God and ourselves, God’s instructions how to live in the world He has created to guide in how we should live upon receiving Christ as our Lord and Saviour.</p>