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Beware of the “if”
Either “if” will paralyze
“if” will prepare us to plan for the future.
Remember the parable of a servant with one talent.
Remember Joseph decoded Pharaoh’s dream.
Do you remember anything else?

Inspiration On: Saturday, 6 April 2013 from 10:50pm to 11:07pm
Inspiration Ends On: Sunday, 7 April 2013 at 2am

According to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, if means

  1. Used to say that one thing can, will or might happen or be true, depending on another thing happening or being true
  2. When; whenever; every time
  3. Used with will or would to ask somebody politely to so something
  4. Used after ask, find out, wonder, etc. to introduce one of two or more possibilities

If carries the meaning and the feeling of a bad case before it happens and most often fear clouded our minds. I do feel fearful. Though fearful, I bring it to my Lord and take any necessary actions on my part.

Insecurities Challenges Jealousy

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Inside is insecure
Insecurity dwells hearts
Insecurity rules hearts
Either insecurity drives
Us to Jesus
Us to improve
Face the challenges
Or it paralyze
Brings us down
And jealousy occurs.

Inspiration On: Tuesday, 26 March 2013 at 1:50am
Inspiration Ends At: 1:34pm

Being a housewife and freelancer, I do feel insecure in terms of finance. Seeing real life cases of widows at loss with children are enough to scare me. Praying for my husband’s safety is what I can do. Struggling to search for freelance project is bleak. Though bleak, but I still hope for God’s providence upon me. When someone looks for me to do a project, I was so thrilled; thanking God and praising Him for it.