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Lord Jesus Christ is
The Perfect Redeemer of our souls
To redeem us from the
Bondage of sin
Forever and Ever.

Inspiration On: Monday, 10 December 2012 at 9:40pm
Inspiration Ends On: Wednesday, 12 December 2012 at 11pm

Suddenly, the words for PURE came again. Amazingly, it points to the purity of Jesus as the perfect sacrificial Lamb of God without blemish. (Colossians 1:21-23 and 1 Peter 1:18-20) The three words came first then the last word came on Wednesday.



Are we curious about our final destination?
Where is the destination of our souls?
Do we have any hope in life?
Hope of an eternal life?
Hoping and Imagining for A Redeemer?

Inspiration On: Saturday, 1 December 2012 at 9:28pm
Inspiration Ends On: Saturday, 8 December 2012 at 12:12am

The word curious suddenly came to my mind whenever think of my son enjoys touching everyone’s stuff on the table. C and U came first followed by R, I, O, and U came on Monday midnight. Below is the first version:-
Insist in

Later on, revised as written above and finally, improves its grammar.

Wish YOU Happy Birthday

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Wish You happy birthday, LORD JESUS
Today is Your birthday.
On the day, You were born
You are the best Gift for the world.

JESUS, Thou are
The only One came from heaven.
The Light shines in this dark world.
The hope of this world.
The fulfilled promise from GOD, the Only Way.
The eternal, living SAVIOUR.
The LORD of all.
The SON of GOD.
The One who humbles Himself to come to this world
in flesh, died on the cross for our sins.
Resurrect again to know that You a living GOD.
The cross signifies GOD’s love for us, our Redeemer.

Thanks be to Thou, for all Thou have done.
O LORD, You alone deserves all the praise, glory and honour.
We worship You, for You are GOD ALMIGHTY.
You first love us, so we want to love You.
You deserves all our worship.
You deserves all our worship.
Inspired on: Thursday, 25 December 2003