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What is the resort we often go to?
Which resort do we let ourselves delve into?
Virtual resort, an Internet Resort
Either the Internet Resort
Helps us to point to our Creator leading to positive actions
Is full of danger for the eyes, mind and heart leading to negative actions.

Inspiration On: Wednesday, 24 April 2013 at 8:47pm

IR stands for Integrated Resort. Then it dawned upon me of the resort we let ourselves into.

God’s Shining Glory

Posted on

Friday, 17 Dec 2010

Refer: Revelation 21:22-26 & Exodus 20:18-21

I went to Universal Studio at Resort World Sentosa with my husband and his sister, nephew, brother and sister in law. We played almost all the rides, just left two performances. Then we waited until 9:30pm to see the fireworks. It is my first time to see it glows before my very eyes. When it was exploding, my eyes couldn’t take it so with my right arm to cover my eyes.

How can I withstand God’s glory before my very eyes if He appears before me?

Especially now, I feel that my spiritual life is weak. Followed by my headache that never goes away. It gets worse as years passed by and even after giving birth.

Prayer: No matter what happens, O Lord, please help me in my weakness. Give me strength to obey Your will. In Your most precious Son’s name I ask. Amen.