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Gossip Rumour

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Encounter gossips and rumours
Choose to
Decide to

The spreading of the
Infectious words
Scandalous stories

Refuse own participation
Take courage
Being brave enough to

Speak and declare
Don’t want to hear
Don’t care to repeat
What is being said

Such actions help to
Stop a rumour
Stop gossip

Before it spreads
Infecting others
Cause more pain

Inspiration On: Monday, 31 July 2017
Edited On: Saturday, 5 August 2017

Being a quiet person, there are times I repeat on what is being said. Parrot. I served in the administrative role in my previous job. A family business where family matters and business matters were mixed. I believe in getting along with everybody. When they have issues with each other, they pour out to me. I feel so grateful to be trusted and believed. However, I can feel drained. Because all the word attached to me and can effect my perception towards the spoken party. Thus I lose my temper towards one of the spoken party. I feel convicted inside. Thus I met that spoken party to reconcile. That spoken party is forgiving and we agreed to work well for the company. Thank God for the great relationship. Sometimes, when I go somewhere and passed by the office, I just go to the office to say hi to everyone. The moral value of the story is: be careful of the spoken words from the other party. Check but don’t let it attach onto you. Karen Ehman (the author of ‘Keep it Shut’) commends a quiet girl who can speak up for herself and others. I need to learn from that quiet girl when and how to answer. A few months ago, a friend repeats some rumour about an actress. I’m surprised with my answer. It may not be the case. Most likely those people are jealous of her being famous. Once I watch her performance, instantly I can sense she is a great mimicker. Wish you all have good days and thank you.


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Inspiration On: Friday, 8 November 2013 at 8:30am to 11:45pm
Inspiration Ends On: Saturday, 16 November 2013 at 1:45pm

When I was pondering about truth being hidden as secret, it is always a painful experience etched deeply in heart and mind. Therefore, the ingrained hurts are hidden and painful experiences.



Abandonment causes grievances to an adult and even a child
Such negligence in a family is fatal in the future of abandoned person
Mankind choice of abandoning God’s truth and negligence in living it out
Lead to mankind’s demise and final destruction
Seek and Remember our first love and true responsibility

Inspiration On: Sunday, 13 October 2013 at 1:08am
Inspiration End On: Thursday, 17 October 2013 at 2:37am

Abandonment is the most painful feelings and memories. Thinking of it, some words define the acronym of abandon. But writing blocks occurred. Next day, more words define every letter and stuck again. Until the final day, all the blanks are completely filled in.




What is our toolkit to keep in touch with our Lord Jesus Christ?
Prayer is our toolkit to keep in touch with our Lord Jesus Christ.
Pray is our toolkit to cross the barrier of sin.
Worshipping heart is our toolkit to cross the latch of lukewarm.

Inspiration On: Thursday, 24 January 2013 at 1:53am
Inspiration On: Tuesday, 29 January 2013 at 2:45pm

Seems that I just realized people tend to keep in touch via social media such as facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. As I think about it, it occurs upon me the above question and I do wonder everyone’s opinions. For me, I would prefer to meet in person though facebook helps in connecting with friends from other countries. Do please drop your opinions. We would love to hear from you.


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BRAKE! No accident.
Likewise in relationship.
Control our tongues
Stop hurting words
Quarrel is prevented
Preventing hurting hearts
Preventing escalating violence
Preventing broken homes

Promoting peaceful atmosphere
Providing safety dwellings
To the young
To the adolescents
To the adult
To the mid-aged
To the old

When conflict arises
Press the BRAKE.

When both parties
Clap hands to
Apply self control
In the strength
From Christ Jesus
Through Holy Spirit
Instill in hearts

Peace, love, and
Social order reign.

Inspiration On: Friday, 17 August 2012 at 6:40pm
Inspiration Ends On: Monday, 20 August 2012 at 6:45pm

On my way home from purchasing groceries, my bicycle almost hit another biker who dashed out of a lane, but both of us pressed the brake. Suddenly, the above inspirations were birthed out and later on revise it again.

Philippians 4:13 sparked the inspiration for third paragraph.


Believing Lasting Eternity

It is important to be responsible with our body, words and actions. We can see the reason God gives His commandments through Moses(Exodus 20-22; Deuteronomy 5). Our current and new century has a lot of social disorder due to lack of self-discipline and self-gratification in bodies causing a lot of unwanted pregnancies, abortion and baby abandonment. Therefore, once one choose to disobey God’s principle and commandment, one causes disorder into the creation and will bear the consequences.

New Sunrise signifies new hope and purpose in our lives through accepting God’s gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. And the Apostle Paul reminds us that our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. (1 Corinthians 6:18-20) Lasting Eternity is to spend our eternity with our Creator.

Inspiration On: Monday, 2 April 2012 at 2:57am, 11:14-15pm
Revised On: Thursday, 5 April 2012 and Wednesday, 11 April 2012