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Power of Assumptions

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There is a tendency to measure someone else with our own thinking. But people’s mindset may not be according to our assumptions. It is essential for us to search out the truth. Our assumptions are like a water filter, to separate water from the noodle. Assumptions filter out people’s words. We only remember a few words and concluded based on own assumptions.

For example:
A spoke gently to his son, “Be careful! Don’t jump when you climb the tree because you will fall.” Then A noticed a cockroach was walking towards his neighbour and A shouted, “Ah! A cockroach rushes to you. Stomp on it! Kill it!” B was daydreaming and woken by A’s shout. So B looked outside the window. A’s neighbour is out of sight and B only heard A’s words. So B concluded A jumped the tree and fell, but cockroach kills him. Isn’t this story is a good example.



How many times do we every lost in our thoughts about God?

Inspiration On: Friday, 16 November 2012 at 11:01am

During my public transport journey, my concentration was poured onto sketch book until my mobile phone triggered SMS tone. Due to that, “lost in thoughts” came out of nowhere and suddenly the abbreviation came “lit”. Then it dawned upon me questioning, “How many times do we every lost in our thoughts about God?”