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Originally posted on Where Words Daily Come Alive:

I thought of You this morning
And I could not dry my eyes
I didn’t have enough tissue
To wipe the tears that I did cry

The thought which I was thinking
Quickly took my heart by surprise
As I dug deeper within the thought
My body became so electrified

For I was lifted up this morning
By a single spoken living word
Which many times I heard before
But just as many I did ignore

Yet this morning as I embraced it
Very deep within my yearning heart
I was truly thankful just to be able
For this sweet prayer of love to start.

You will keep him in perfect peace,
Whose mind is stayed on You, because
he trusts in You. Isaiah 26:3 NJKV

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Neutralize the Darts

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Lost in the woods
Woods of thoughts
As injected thoughts run wild in fear
Fear of the green eyes that had slashed me

Praise the Lord for His deliverance
Imputing His Words
Into my fearful thoughts
Marches towards the injected thoughts from the enemy
Neutralize the darts of hellish poison
That almost destroys my inner core
Bringing peace and songs of joy into my heart and mind
Then my heart leaps for joy and sing to Him

~ Tojiru Yoshiko

Inspiration On: Friday, 28 August 2015 at 10:26pm
Inspiration Ends On: Monday, 31 August 2015 at 3:15pm

Many occasions, I cry to the Lord whenever doubts and fear sip in during my journey in life. Those thoughts often occur through my interaction with others. I thank the Lord to bring someone into my life to clear my questioning hearts and minds. It just happened recently. After being hurt and laughed at, I almost developed sociophobia. God bless you all for reading my poetry to minister.

The Will or The Word?

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Originally posted on Brother Murf's Corner:

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Lost in the woods
Darkness envelops
Shiny bright red eyes
Lurk across the dark bushes
Sprouting words of deceits
Heartbeat races inside the ribcage
Mind goes blank and loses all focus
Heart and mind cry to the Lord for deliverance
The Lord clears the path

~ Tojiru Yoshiko

Inspiration On: Saturday, 14 August 2015 at 3:22pm
Inspiration Ends On: Sunday, 15 August 2015 at 3:15pm

Life is crazy. I love peace so I tend to keep silent. After so many hurts, misunderstood, and being blamed for the things I didn’t do, I was so fearful of people. Some people are cunning whereas some people means well. The devil knows how to play my mind during my marriage through someone. When I realize that, my parents told me not to be fearful. I thank the Lord to ease my heart and mind. A sister in Christ means well, but I have been so fearful of her good will. Until the Lord intervenes and clear the misunderstanding in our relationship. God bless you all for reading my poetry to minister.

Bringing harmony into our lives and world

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Originally posted on bjsscribbles and photography:

God has helped us to find our confessions
The truth which has been hidden within us
From our mind, beauty, ugliness
Things we see around the world
That comes into our lives

These things we never see in ourselves
But deep down they may have stowed away
Or hidden deep in that corner of our heart
The dark side of our life, in that small corner of our heart
Which throws our life of balance
Causing pain, anguish

Wearing us down
Confusing our minds
Sometimes causing destruction
A load which weighs us down

God has helped me find my confession
Deep within my soul
Shown me understanding
Leading us away from the darkness that lied concealed
The truth is now the centre of my heart
Bringing harmony into our lives and world


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Being Tested In The Wilderness

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Being Tested In The Wilderness

Originally posted on Welcome to the Ranch!:

“Remember how the Lord your God led you all the way in the wilderness these forty years, to humble and test you in order to know what was in your heart, whether or not you would keep his commands.” Deuteronomy 8:2 NIV

Have you ever felt like you were in the wilderness?  Did you feel your heart being tested?  I have. I did not feel the flow.  It was uncomfortable.  I encountered some inconveniences.  In the midst of it, God always provided everything I needed.  It just wasn’t what I was used to or what I expected. It was a period of tremendous change.  There were still many, many things to be thankful for.  So in prayer, I continued to count my blessings.  Whenever I would tuck myself into prayer, I was also filled with a great hope in a future that was filled with God’s promises. In order to grab hold of His…

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Originally posted on Redbird's Roost:

The Holy Spirit is our ever-present Teacher

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