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God’s presence enables me to have peace and calm heart and mind during conflict. Thank God for the Holy Spirit in me.

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Made Perfect

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Made Perfect


We pray for discernment.

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“For by one sacrifice he has made perfect forever those who are being made holy.” Hebrews 10:14 NIV

Sometimes I feel awkward and unsure.  Fear can have a tendency to creep in. When things get intense, I can be fearful of making a mistake. It can trip me up. But God is always gentle with me. He always reminds me that He loves me. He doesn’t try to set me up. He doesn’t expect me to be perfect. All He asks is that I am willing. I have to have a heart that seeks His.

The enemy wants to derail me, but God knows my heart. He knows I have a loving heart. I have to stay true to that place. Use wisdom. Use discernment.  Use them both with confidence.

Father, thank you for Your encouragement. Thank you for reminding me of Your love. Thank you for making me perfect through Your Son Jesus. Thank…

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A Poem For You

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Every time I bring forth your image
From deep within the well of my mind
My heart begins shedding joyous tears
For your beautiful love that’s mine

I never escape feeling all the emotions
For they seem to overwhelm me each day
But just like the first time I embraced you
The raging passion of love will always stay

I was blessed the day you embraced me
That first moment you became my friend
And ever since your spirit held me close
My life changed as I was born again

You have never forsaken me a single day
Of the spiritual things in life I need
And I love all the very special moments
When together your living word we read

I lift up my song of sweet praise to you
When I feel your daily showers of joy begin
Thanking you Lord for shedding your blood
As the perfect…

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Morally Wrong Teaching

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Originally posted on StopAndPrayTV:

Then said Jesus to those Jews which believed on him, If ye continue in my word, then are ye my disciples indeed;
and ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
—John 8:31-32

No one can know truth except the one who obeys truth. You think you know truth. People memorize the Scriptures by the yard, but that is not a guarantee of knowing the truth. Truth is not a text. Truth is in the text, but it takes the text plus the Holy Spirit to bring truth to a human soul….

Charles G. Finney taught that it was wrong—morally wrong—to teach objective doctrine without a moral application. I have gone to Bible classes and listened to men who were learned in the Word of God. Still I have come away as cold as a pickled fish. There was no help, no lift in my spirit…

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Sometimes we need to be reminded….

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Sometimes we need to be reminded….

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He died for me!

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From The Dark

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Originally posted on The Bottom of a Bottle:

From The Dark (Daniel 10:19)

There you sit in the dark
I see your soul
Shivering in weakness
Overcome by fear
Afraid to show
The pain upon your heart

Know you are precious
And know you are mine
You have my strength
And I give you my peace
For I am with you
So let go of your fear

So bring your pain
And bring your brokenness
Sing them to me
In your prayers from the dark
There I will lift them from you
And bring the light once again

Daniel 10:19 Daniel 10:19

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742. As for marigolds, poppies, hollyhocks, and valorous sunflowers, we shall never have a garden without them… ~Henry Ward Beecher

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Originally posted on Sacred Touches:


That we find a crystal or a poppy beautiful
means that we are less alone, that we are
more deeply inserted into existence
than the course of a single life
would lead us to believe.
~John Berger, English Painter


by Mary Oliver
The poppies send up their
orange flares; swaying
in the wind, their congregations
are a levitation


of bright dust, of thin
and lacy leaves.
There isn’t a place
in this world that doesn’t


sooner or later drown
in the indigos of darkness,
but now, for a while,
the roughage


shines like a miracle
as it floats above everything
with its yellow hair.
Of course nothing stops the cold,


black, curved blade
from hooking forward—
of course
loss is the great lesson.


But I also say this: that light
is an invitation
to happiness,
and that happiness,


when it’s done right,
is a kind of holiness,
palpable and…

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